Financial Aged Care Advice

Do you happen to know people who need to move into an aged care facility? If yes, then help them get through the entire rollercoaster of emotions. Let a trusted aged care specialist give them sound financial aged care advice.

Whether it’s a friend, a close relative, or a family member who is getting into residential aged care facility, know that our services can help ensure a flawless and happy outcome. We can take the burden off your shoulders by negotiating with nursing homes and working out the costs of your aged care needs.

To guide you further into the complex world of financial aged care, read our answers to the frequently asked questions below.

You complete centrelink forms and are income or assets tested.

From the Department of Human Services website.

Complete government income and assets test forms online or paper.

Everyone gets a place in aged care whether they are homeless or wealthy.

You will know if you compete forms.  We are able to assess too.

Some charge and some are paid by the provider once a placement is made.

The Bond you place to pay for the room,which is fully refundable.

It is a short term accommodation within an aged care facility to help carers have some time off or for a potential resident to trial aged care.

The Daily fee only, currently $51.63 per annum.

No, however  it might take a bit longer to find a facility with the availability.

If you want to apply for STRC, an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) must assess them. You can access an ACAT assessment by contacting My Aged Care.

We have a what to bring to a financial planning appointment, list.

Do you have other questions in mind? Our financial aged care specialist is more than happy to provide you with answers. Send an email to for more information.