Are you and your family currently looking for an aged care facility for your aged loved one to move into? You’re going to need the help of aged care consultants in Melbourne. This period in your loved one’s and your entire family’s life is extremely important. Moving from one home to another is hard enough: you have to leave behind not just your items or your furniture, you are bidding adieu to a huge chunk of your life spent there.

How much more when one has to move into an aged care facility? Your parent or grandparent would go through a major period of transition. It’s not just moving into another place that’s challenging: they would have to let go of the familiar and move into the unfamiliar at such a late stage in their life.

This is why it is so important that the aged care facility they move into feels as close to home as possible. It must have sufficient amenities that can make your loved one feel just as snug and comfortable as they were in your family home. It must be staffed with kind and friendly individuals who will feel like family to them. There must be room for them to continue their routine or their favourite activities. Most of all, their needs must be provided all the time: from medicine to exercise to company and friendship.

If you happen upon the aged care facility that you believe is perfect for your parent or grandparent, and if they too express that they will feel most comfortable there, the last thing you want to do is tell them no due to your finances. How do you make sure you’re able to provide them with the best absolute care despite what your financial situation is?

That is where Melbourne aged care consultants come in. Aged care consultants will assist you with the whole financial side of the transition process to help you find ways to afford the fees at the Melbourne aged care facility of your choice. Read on to learn more about what the aged care consultants over at Aged Care Specialists Victoria can do for you.

Professional aged care consultants will take some of the load off of your back

At Aged Care Specialists Victoria, our consultation is always tailor-fit to every client. We know that every client and every family’s financial situation is different. This is why we make the effort to study your situation as best as we can so we can provide the best advice.

We are experts when it comes to aged care financial advice. Financial advising is a broad topic in and of itself. For sure, you have considered calling a financial advisor to help you out. But when it comes to aged care, you want to work with specialists. The whole process of aged care comes with its own unique characteristics. There are specific agencies you have to transact with or special government financial provisions such as pension or financial support for veterans. The government also provides specific arrangements for aged care, which private aged care facilities also adhere by.

What we can assure you as aged care consultants Melbourne is that we have got this complex web of aged care Melbourne processes down pat. With us by your side, you will be able to navigate this web with a clearer view, and that is how you will be making the most sound financial decisions for your loved one.

Aged Care Consultation: What’s Included?

We offer a free consultation over the phone. This consultation is complimentary and comes with no obligations on your part. You can simply give us a picture or an outline of where you are at in terms of financing aged care, and we can explain to you what working with us would look like down the line.

  • Thorough Assessment of Your Finances

We will be looking at your current financial position, but we will also be exploring all the ways you can generate money to pay for aged care. We will figure out what type of government assistance your senior loved one qualifies for. We can also help you decide how to generate new income on your end. We are prepared to coordinate with other financial advisors or partners you currently employ.

  • Constant Support

Our services don’t stop as soon as your senior loved one has successfully moved into the home of their choice. You can still count on us to help along the way. If a financial roadblock reveals itself while your loved one is in residence, you may let us know.

How Can Aged Care Consultants Help?

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Referring you to an aged care facility in Melbourne
  • Discussing with the aged care facility of your choice and negotiating entry fees
  • Referring you to a company that can help you clear out your parent or grandparent’s house, should you need to sell
  • Laying out options for funding or financial assistance
  • Helping prepare Centrelink forms

Again, our services are unique to each client. Meet with us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Aged Care Consultancy Services

As your trusted aged care consultants Melbourne, we believe that you deserve only the best when it comes to aged care. We assure you that our fees are 100 percent transparent: we will not present you with surprise charges along the way.

Most of all, we understand that transition to aged care is not just a financial journey, it’s an emotional one as well. Our process is built on practicality as much as it is founded on empathy. As specialists in aged care, we approach family finance with compassion. Together, we will do our best to make sure your loved one’s transition to aged care is a smooth and easy ride.

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